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Life Plugged In

Moving From Stuck to Unstoppable

We can often get to points in life where we feel STUCK and are not sure the way forward. Maybe we feel we have a lot to give but currently our life is having a low impact. We may even be in a job or life situation that suits our gifts and skills but we've got to a low energy point, where we just don't have what we need for the task in front of us. Part of the problem might be that we feel relationally dysfunctional, or others in our life feel that way and they are stopping us from moving forward.

At MAKE church we see that there are a core of spiritual insights, given by Jesus Christ, which help us to make sense of this world in which we live. If those insights can be integrated into our everyday life, they have the power to interrupt our bad habits, enable ongoing creative inspiration, allowing us to exert a positive influence on the world around us for good. They will also help us with inter-personal interactions.

A life plugged in to the spiritual energy found in Jesus will lead to high impact, high energy and you becoming relationally savvy in all spheres of life. Basically, you'll move through life as an with an UNSTOPPABLE Momentum that will benefit everyone you come into contact with.

Like to find out more, get a hold of Life Plugged In book or check out our weekly messages on Facebook or Youtube (link below).

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