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The current leadership team at MAKE is made up of some paid staff and some wonderful volunteers.
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Jai Wright and Jay-ellen Wright
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Jai and his wife Jay-ellen moved to Mackay at the start of 2011 and have really enjoyed getting to know the place and the people!  Jai and Jay have a vision for starting new churches and a love for country Queensland which goes hand in hand with a strong desire to share the good news of Jesus.  Jai completed a 4yr engineering degree, then worked in an engineering firm for 2yrs in the oil and gas industries.  He then changed gears and spent 2 years in full-time ministry, training at St.Lucia Bible Church (Brisbane), and then spent four years in Sydney where he studied at Moore Theological College completing a Bachelor of Divinity.  During this time Jay-ellen (also an engineer) worked as an acoustic engineer for a couple of years and since then has invested in their four children, Amber, Ebony, Kade, and Jett, and sought to see their family thrive!  Jay-ellen is also very active in the Kids Church ministry and seeks to see people trained at church. They have seen God’s hand building this church in so many ways and are super excited to (continue to see God move in Mackay) be in Mackay sharing God’s love; ultimately seen in Jesus! We encourage you to come and join us as we seek to be a vibrant and growing, Bible-teaching church.

Carol van Tonder

Carol moved to Mackay from Zimbabwe in 2005 with her husband, Gerhardt, and sons Jamie and Ryan. Prior to her husband’s death in 2020 she was involved in ministry at one of the local churches. Becoming a member at MAKE in 2020 and joining the leadership team in January 2021, she is passionate about serving in her area of membership. Welcoming people and showing the practical love of Jesus is a great joy for Carol as well as caring for and discipling the members of her bible study group. She has a deep desire to walk alongside people and help them grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus. Carol loves spending time with “little people” and is very privileged to be a part of the Kindy Church program. With a background in counseling, Carol is always willing to “lend an ear” and be there for those who are facing and wrestling with life’s challenges. On the home front, Carol is very blessed to have her entire family living here in Mackay and to be actively involved in the lives of her three granddaughters and one grandson.

Phil Hall

Phil and his wife Leanne have been serving God in the Mackay region for the past 30 years. Together they have three daughters and have devoted their time to sharing Christ’s love with youth and kids. Phil worked at a motor mechanic for 20 years before becoming a school chaplain for the past 22 years. During this time he has also worked in various youth ministry roles. As a family Phil and his wife Leanne fostered teenagers for 12 years from their home. This steep learning curve saw Phil’s heart to love the hurt and broken grow. During his early years of Chaplaincy God gave Phil a vision to develop a perpetual campsite for the youth and Churches of Mackay. Through this Phil has been sharing the gospel of Christ with teenagers for the past 22 years running Camp Eagle. Leanne has worked as a primary school teacher and served in various church ministries during this time. As members of MAKE, Phil now heads up the prayer culture of the church both in person and through zoom meetings. He has a passion to create a strong prayer community, centred around scripture that can lift one another up as we serve the Mackay region.

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